With the position being vacant since May 31st, we're now hiring a new Executive Director. If you're interested in being the leader of the most successful libertarian movement the world has ever seen, this is the job for you.

This job requires a dynamic skill set and a passion for liberty. You must be an organized and persuasive manager and leader.

Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Staff and Volunteer Leadership and Recruitment. The Free State Project has a small staff and a large set of volunteers. You must recruit, retain, and motivate participants in the Free State movement.
  • Project, Event, and Program Management. Planning, organizing, and directing organizational initiatives and ensuring they are on track.
  • Fundraising. Encouraging regular donations from members, as well as fundraising campaigns and targeted pitches to large donors.
  • Communication and Content. Maintain key webpages and other content resources. Maintain a schedule of regular content creation. Source content creation or create content directly. Program and maintain automated emails and messages. Respond to messages not suitable for being handled by others or otherwise act as backstop for all communications.
  • Managing Systems, Accounts, and KPIs. This includes technical systems like our CRM (HubSpot), website, chat (Slack), Google Workplace, Google Adwords, and more, as well as accounts with vendors or other service providers. Key metrics must be tracked and reported to the BoD and other members of the organization. Some of this work may be delegated, but you must be familiar with all tools.
  • Representing the organization publicly and positively at events and in public generally.
  • Budgeting and Financing. Accounting will be performed by the treasurer, but you direct and oversee the organization’s finances.
  • Support and Serve the Board of Directors. Meet regularly with the Board of Directors of the Free State Project and work with them to achieve objectives.

Compensation is compatible with being the executive director of other small-to-mid-size non-profits. Benefits including health insurance are flexible depending on your needs.

Applying and Process

To apply for the position, please fill out this short form.