Tiffany's family moved to New Hampshire from MichiganIt's so good to be home! We learned of the Free State Project about two years ago. We were from Grand Rapids, Michigan, a bustling city with a culture of political extremes. We researched New Hampshire and realized not only was the FSP great, but the beautiful Granite State also offered freedom from sales tax (6% in MI), low crime, and excellent job prospects. We planned a visit (last year) and felt so at home here among the Free Staters! From interesting meetups to great conversations with other liberty minded people we knew, this was the place for us, and we started planning our move soon after.

It was a tough choice deciding where exactly we wanted to be, since each region is so unique and has a lot to offer. Among our biggest considerations when selecting a place to live was a wholesome community for our daughter to grow up in. Coming from a bigger city, we were all too aware of some of the issues that come with it (crime, school quality, water and air quality, etc) but still wanted easy access to important amenities such as healthcare and shopping/entertainment.

The North Country was the perfect blend of everything we wanted. In Berlin we saw a community with a lot of history and hometown pride, where people have seen some tough times, yet a town with a TON of potential given some fresh ideas and the right leadership. Berlin touts not only a breathtaking mountain view but a variety of locally owned businesses and a pleasant drive to North Conway if we need a bit more.

So we moved into our new home in Berlin a few weeks ago! We have been welcomed with open arms into the community (FSP and otherwise). We're so happy to be here; making the move was definitely right for our family! It was emotional to leave family, friends, and all things familiar, but now that we're here we couldn't be happier!

My advice to prospective movers is to visit New Hampshire a time or two and connect with people from several areas. There really is something for everyone here, whether you prefer varied and fast-paced city life or quiet rural living, or anything in between! Is it scary to pack up and move? You bet it is, but it's a calculated risk. New Hampshire is an amazing place to build a life, and the FSP community is ready to welcome you home too!