Tyler: I found out about the Free State Project back in 2008 when I was a grassroots volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign, and have been following it closely ever since. It wasn't until this year that I was finally able to make the move. I was pretty burned out after 2008 and haven't really been involved in any kind of activism since, but I am super excited to dive back in and get involved in any way I can, in a place where it is already apparent that we really can make a difference.

Jack: After learning about the Free State Project, I found that a lot of the ideals shared by the community are similar to mine. I am looking forward to fulfilling my commitment to striving for a free society with limited governmental constraints upon personal liberties. To achieve increased liberty in my life time would be a dream worth working towards. To be able to do this with other like-minded people in the community would be an excellent opportunity!

In the months since making the move, we've met too many awesome people to count, and have had some great experiences. The transition to life in New Hampshire has been much easier than we expected. We try to take every opportunity to attend the numerous gatherings each month and meet as many people as we can. We also try not only to get to know our new home town of Manchester, but to get out into the surrounding areas as much as we can, exploring all the wonderful things that New Hampshire has to offer, such as the gorgeous mountains, lakes and coast, and all the fascinating and rich history of New England in general. Our goal is to continue meeting new people and making new friends, as well as learning more about and getting involved in the many opportunities for activism the community has to offer.