Join the Volunteer Team

If you have time and skills to share, we sure could use your help. If you'd like to volunteer for the Porcupine Freedom Festival, better known as PorcFest, please fill out this form. If you'd like to volunteer for the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, please send the organizers an email.

For all other volunteer efforts, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. Thank you!

Our Volunteers

Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Emily hosts a monthly potluck at her home Bardo Farm. She served as Exhibitor Coordinator at Liberty Forum 2022. Emily frequently organizes family activities and shares farming knowledge at Porcfest. She helps new homesteaders find local markets across the state.
Curt Howland

Curt Howland

Curt has helped countless Free Staters move in as a regular attendee at our Welcome Wagons.
Constance Spencer

Constance Spencer

Constance ran registration at Porcfest 2019, 2020, and 2021 as well as Liberty Forum 2022. She always tells new movers “Volunteering at registration is a great way to meet people!”
Kevin Haley

Kevin Haley

A Free State native, Kevin has been building community and answering movers questions on Discord. Kevin and his “friends from the internet” meet for variety of activities including a Dad’s group! He is a key connecting point for those still researching to meet Free Staters and come for a visit.

The Volunteer Pack

We build all the things, all the time. If you're an active volunteer not listed here, please let Rebecca-Robyn know!


Making our Website Great Again
Kate Balani
Mary Sorens
Amy Lowe & Mark Warden
Ian Underwood
James Davis
Jody Underwood (editor)
Kathy Stroh
Michelle Dumas
Sarah Chamberlain
Tiffany Hale
Dennis Pratt


King of the Domains
Jon DiPietro


Getting the message out
Carla Gericke
Chloe Sowers
Franz Honer
Lindsay Dean

Online Greeters

Making Personal Connections
Jody Underwood
Tiffany Hale

Welcome Team

Helping Start NH Lives
Katie O'Day
Kyle Mohney
Keith Ott
Marika Yakubovich
Mike Sylvia
Diana Cardamom
Robert Sochor
Tiffany Hale

Tech Team

Websites and Databases
Francis Tarasiewicz
Kyle Roucis
Louis Calitz
Milo Mirate
Stephen Daves

Liberty Forum '19 Coordinators

Everything's Cool When You're Part of a Team
Vin Armani
Glenn Bailey
Kyle Bennett
Alan Bershtein
Nick Boyle
Ron Brophy
Christine and Dave Butler
Tristan Collins
Gordon Kemp
Gabi Maylock
Tennyson McCalla
Kyle and Tynan Mohney
Mickey Mullin
Brittany Ping
Celestina Prochilo
Rob Smith
Japhet Stephens
Justin Szilard
Marika Yakubovich

PorcFest '19 Coordinators

The #DreamTeam rocked it!
Constance Spencer, Registration
Shawn Grissom, Agora Valley
Harvey Gruber, Fr33 Aid
Mikey Stapleton, Logistics
Jake Bagdonas, AV
Jenn Hewson, PorcuPints
Patrick Dukemaijin, Main Pavilion
Marcus Conner, Digital Creation
Jon Govednik, PorcRangers
Michael Reynolds, VIP
Chris Lopez, Volunteers & PorcInfo
Tim Bauman, Facilities

PorcFest '20 Volunteers

Diane Kelley
Marley Ladew
Mikey Leviss
Sarah Grealy
Hans Pasion
Vivianna Figueroa
Waz Solo
Constance Spencer
Mickey Mullin
Maggie Shephard
Patrick Dukemajian
Lauren Cahillane
Alu Axelman
Mikey Gordon
Mary Shell
Rene Desmarais
Glenn Bailey

Liberty Forum '20 Coordinators

Growing Liberty, One Awesome Event at a Time
Glenn Bailey
Ron Brophy
Christine and Dave Butler
Mo Rice
Gordon Kemp
Mickey Mullin
Brittany Ping
Celestina Prochilo
Tia Parker

Event Stars, Past & Present!

Angela & Emmett Harris
BJ & Joslyn Mumford
Carla Gericke & Louis Calitz
Christine & David Butler
Curtis FenimoreDave Mincin
Dennis & Rachel Pratt
Edi & Varrin Swearingen
Irena Goddard
Jessica & Rodger Paxton
Kate Schackai
Kristin Weitzel
Lane & Kendall Strahan
Matt Phillips
Melanie & Richard Gibson
Merav & Sylvain Yaakov
Rachel Goldsmith
Rich Goldman
Samantha & Liam Leane
Sharon & Jason Osborne
Susan & Christopher Lawless
Tim Condon
Vanessa & Mike Vine