You're Home in New Hampshire

houseWhether you plan to rent or buy, it is imperative to visit New Hampshire first. Most people will benefit from making at least two trips, one for looking at regions/towns and meeting locals, and the second for actually viewing properties. The landscape of an area will look different depending on the season, so exploring during different times of the year is helpful.

FSP ambassadors throughout the state are available to connect visitors with locals and answer questions about specific areas. To meet a large number of Free Staters from all areas, consider planning to visit during Liberty Forum or the Porcupine Freedom Festival.

Selecting a Town

Most people choose a town based on their job location and lifestyle. The desire to be close to a city is often a factor, as are tax rates and zoning regulations, town amenities & services, proximity to airports/major transportation routes, and schools or homeschooling resources. We recommend renting for 6 to 12 months to get to know an area before choosing to settle down in a specific town or neighborhood.

Buying a Home in New Hampshire

Porcupine Real EstateThe first step in the home buying process is to obtain a financing pre-approval. It is imperative to speak with a lender before starting the process and get pre-approved for financing before looking at properties in earnest. We recommend working with a New Hampshire lender (click here to read why), and Porcupine Real Estate can put you in touch with one of our preferred lenders who can review the many loan options available, including FHA, VA, Rural Housing, and conventional financing.

Once you’ve been pre-approved, the next step is to connect with a buyer’s agent to set up automatic listing alerts so you can become more familiar with the local values and neighborhoods. We suggest always using a professional, full-time real estate broker, preferably one that is libertarian and who understands your needs. At Porcupine Real Estate, we are movers ourselves, pro-liberty activists, professionals, and we support the community in myriad ways.

Your agent will schedule showings on properties of interest once you are pre-approved and you’ve narrowed the list of potential listings. There is no cost to use a buyer’s agent—commissions are paid by the seller and it’s important to be represented by an experienced buyer’s agent. Your professional agent will guide you through all steps of the buying process including insurance, title/escrow, inspections, financing, appraisal and closing. It typically takes 6-8 weeks to close after your offer has been accepted by the seller.

New Hampshire Politics - Holding Signs

Moving & Getting Involved in New Hampshire Politics

Many people are making the move to New Hampshire in order to protect and advance liberty. Some movers find themselves so enthralled by the political freedom and process here that they want to get involved in local politics. Learn how easy it is to get started!

Understanding Property Taxes in New Hampshire

Several factors influence property taxes on New Hampshire homes, and property tax rates are not necessarily a good indicator of the quality of schools, infrastructure or city services…


Zoning & Building Permits in New Hampshire

Much like property taxes, zoning laws and ordinances vary from town to town. If you’re considering a property and plan to do any major improvements, you will want to check with the town before you proceed…

Snowshoe White Mountains

10 Tips for Weathering Your First New Hampshire Winter

Ah, winter in New Hampshire…a picturesque time of snow-covered villages, frozen streams and ponds, and carolers with hot cocoa. Be ready for the fun and stay safe with these tips!

House Taxes

Lowering Your NH Property Taxes: Challenging Assessment Value

In New Hampshire, there is a process by which you can challenge your property tax assessment to lower your property tax bill, known as the “abatement” process. If you think your house is disproportionately assessed…

BJ & Joslyn in front of their home

Buying a Home in New Hampshire: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about purchasing a home in New Hampshire? Porcupine Real Estate has compiled FAQs by out-of-state buyers to help you make your move.


Financing a Home in New Hampshire

Two of the most common questions Porcupine Real Estate receives from new and potential movers looking to buy a home are, “How much home can I afford?” and “Do you know a good lender?”

Buying a house with Bitcoin

How to Buy or Sell a House with Bitcoin

Recently, Porcupine Real Estate’s Mark Warden became the first real estate agent in New Hampshire to transact a sale entirely in Bitcoin. How’d he do it? Here is a primer to buying and selling a property using cryptocurrencies.

Where to Live in New Hampshire?

How to Pick a Town When Moving to New Hampshire

Where should you live in New Hampshire? Which town is best for you and your family? From housing costs to town politics, this article will help you consider your options.

The Current Use Program in New Hampshire

Looking to settle in New Hampshire? If you own more than 10 acres, you can put your undeveloped land into current use. Instead of being taxed at its market value, the land is assessed at a much lower valuation.

solar panels

Homesteading & Off-Grid Living in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s vast undeveloped acreage is perfect for homesteading and living off the grid. Come slow down and live off the land!

Accessory Dwelling Units (In-Law Quarters) in New Hampshire

Bring your friends and family with you to New Hampshire – and house them too! Learn about accessory dwelling units from Porcupine Real Estate.

Home Styles in New Hampshire

Learn about the most common home styles you’ll find in New Hampshire!

colonial style houses in Portsmouth, NH

Home Owners’ Dilemmas

Living in New Hampshire: the...

Finding a Winter Rental in New Hampshire

Finding a Winter Rental in...

Renting in New Hampshire

There are a number of Free Stater-friendly landlords throughout the state! Check listings on Ledgeview Commercial Partners and the FSP Housing Search group. Many people find rentals by driving around areas they like, as a significant number of owners don’t advertise vacant units online.

Most landlords will want a one year lease and require credit check and background check. In New Hampshire, the maximum allowable security deposit is one month’s rent. Not all rental units allow pets or smoking, so you’ll want to check with the property manager or landlord about their policies. One important feature to look for in a rental is off-street parking, especially if you are in the city where winter parking bans are in effect. You’ll want to verify whether heat is included in your rent, as it can be an expensive utility during the winter.

This helpful resource is provided by Porcupine Real Estate, your number one source for finding homes in New Hampshire.