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The Light of Liberty on the Freecoast

The Seacoast (or Freecoast) offers the highest population density of any region of New Hampshire. It functions as a "network city" composed of several historic urban nodes – Portsmouth, Dover, Durham, Newmarket, Exeter, Hampton, et al. From pristine beaches to fine dining to cutting-edge startups, the Seacoast is the place for libertarians seeking a cosmopolitan life in the freest of states.

Freecoasters have an official meetup every Thursday night to keep in touch and to welcome new movers and interested locals into the community. They also have quarterly potluck events. Casually, families (and single folks as well) gather several times a week, supporting each other and giving their children access to families who share their values. They go to the beach together, go to the farmer’s market, share potluck dinners, and more.

It’s hard to imagine what our life would have been if we had not come to the Seacoast of New Hampshire to raise our kids in this community, and hard to remember how risky it felt when we first decided to make the leap. We’re eternally grateful for that decision now, and hope you’ll come out and see New Hampshire for yourself some time soon.

James Davis

FSP Mover to the Freecoast

Freecoast Blog Posts

Joël Valenzuela | Join the Free State Project!

Joël Valenzuela Is Making a Lasting Impact!

Seven years ago today I arrived in New Hampshire for the first time, and seven years later I'm still here.

Finding a Winter Rental in New Hampshire

Finding a Winter Rental in New Hampshire Guest post by Molly Smith My husband Rob and I decided many years ago that we needed to get out of California. We wanted a better place to raise our kids, a place that showcased some sort of fiscal responsibility and common...

A Free State mover’s story by Karen and Dave

We are loving living here in NH and so happy to be away from that tax crazed state of NJ. We both got immediate raises in our paychecks as New Jersey’s income tax no longer applies to us. It’s beautiful here and we anticipate many happy years together in our new house.

Sean's Familyl

I Left Vermont for Liberty in New Hampshire

Sean writes about leaving Vermont to advance freedom in New Hampshire, where liberty is a part of the culture.

The Freecoast Festival

The Fifth Annual Freecoast Festival

At the Freecoast Festival's, speakers will showcase their work toward building a voluntary community, and we'll enjoy a cruise with keynote Radley Balko.


Noah Leaves Colorado for the Freest State

Noah searched for a place where the values and principles of liberty, self-determination, and non-violence are upheld by more than a handful of people. Then he found New Hampshire.

Free State Family: Discovering the Freecoast

This family-friendly area is home to charming seaside towns and a vibrant tech and crypto scene. Liberty lovers gather at the Praxeum for market days, potlucks, and sunschool.

Free State Family on the Beach | Join the Free State Project!

Welcome to “Free State Family”

In this column, Molly will showcase some of her favorite New Hampshire experiences since she and her family moved from California to the Freecoast. She will focus on family activities and getting to know the liberty community around the state.


Matt Left California for the Freecoast

When I lived in California, it was rare that I came across anyone interested in the cause of liberty. In New Hampshire, I engage with aligned people all the time. I often remind myself how lucky I am to live in this place with these people.

Jessica and Rodger

Meet the 2018 PorcFest Producers

Rodger and Jessica Paxton are volunteering to produce the Porcupine Freedom Festival this year! They have already begun the serious work of putting together a fantastic festival and have sold more than 300 tickets in two weeks.

Tour the Freecoast

FreeCoast SunsetThis tour will have you hiking trails, climbing past an old fire tower, meandering through a wildlife park, walking the shore, and enjoying shops, music and more on New Hampshire’s gorgeous seacoast.

Freecoast Facts

Major Towns: Portsmouth, Hampton, Dover, Exeter Great For: Beaches, crytpo, entrepreneurs, extroverts, families, homeschooling, intellectuals, professionals, singles, starting out in NH, walkable town Not For: Center of activism, DIY

Contact a Porcupine!  mail

A long-time member of the LP, Stephen is one of the founders of The Shell, a libertarian community center on the New Hampshire seacoast.  He's excited about New Hampshire and is happy to answer your questions!

With a background in high tech startups, Dennis organized the very successful PorcFest 2021.  He's a family man who is happy to talk to you about New Hampshire and the Free State Project!