The Freecoast

The Light of Liberty on the Freecoast

The Seacoast (or Freecoast) offers the highest population density of any region of New Hampshire. It functions as a “network city” composed of several historic urban nodes – Portsmouth, Dover, Durham, Newmarket, Exeter, Hampton, et al. From pristine beaches to fine dining to cutting-edge startups, the Seacoast is the place for libertarians seeking a cosmopolitan life in the freest of states. Freecoasters have an official meetup every Thursday night to keep in touch and to welcome new movers and interested locals into the community. They also have quarterly potluck events. Casually, families (and single folks as well) gather several times a week, supporting each other and giving their children access to families who share their values. They go to the beach together, go to the farmer’s market, share potluck dinners, and more.

The Freecoast is also home to The Praxeum, a unique flexible-use space centered on liberty. It is an incubator for new companies, an art studio, an unschooling classroom, a meditative retreat, and much more.

It’s hard to imagine what our life would have been if we had not come to the Seacoast of New Hampshire to raise our kids in this community, and hard to remember how risky it felt when we first decided to make the leap. We’re eternally grateful for that decision now, and hope you’ll come out and see New Hampshire for yourself some time soon.

James Davis

FSP Mover to the Freecoast

Freecoast Blog Posts

Jessica and Rodger

Meet the 2018 PorcFest Producers!

Rodger and Jessica Paxton are volunteering to produce the Porcupine Freedom Festival this year! They have already begun the serious work of putting together a fantastic festival and have sold more than 300 tickets in two weeks.

Will unschooled children choose to develop skills for success?

A reader asks James: Do you ever worry that your kids won’t pick up proficiency in things that will serve them well but aren’t very appealing on their surface? Writing essays = not appealing. Being able to write well for the rest of your life = priceless…


Unschooling: Convincing Your Partner and Family to Buy In

If you want to try unschooling, you believe that a life of self-directed learning may be the best path for your child. But this new way of thinking about education may terrify the other people who love your child….

Unschool Teaching

Unschooling: Who Teaches the Children?

How can our kids learn the things they need to even if we aren’t chemists, literary scholars, biologists, volleyball coaches, and master-craftspeople? If we act intentionally, unschooling allows children to have more exposure to a wider swath of grown-ups than the modern educational paradigm.

Free State Bitcoin Shoppe

An Update on the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe: New Hampshire’s ‘Cryptoanarchy Mecca’

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new shop in downtown Portsmouth that promotes the use of cryptocurrency. Shoppers in the high-traffic tourist area notice the political shirts and cool wares at Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, only to discover that they can’t pay for anything with cash.

Tour the Freecoast

FreeCoast SunsetThis tour will have you hiking trails, climbing past an old fire tower, meandering through a wildlife park, walking the shore, and enjoying shops, music and more on New Hampshire’s gorgeous seacoast.

Freecoast Facts

Major Towns: Portsmouth, Hampton, Dover, Exeter Great For: Beaches, crytpo, entrepreneurs, extroverts, families, homeschooling, intellectuals, professionals, singles, starting out in NH, walkable town Not For: Center of activism, DIY

Contact a Porcupine!  mail

Kyle lives on the FreeCoastKyle moved with his family in 2014 and now runs one of the many regular meet-ups happening at the Freecoast. He’s happy to answer your questions about the area and what’s happening here!

Jessica PaxtonJessica Paxton is a wife, homeschooling mother, and PorcFest Producer! This woman does it all, has the pulse on what’s happening in the Freecoast, and would be happy to answer any questions you have.