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Welcome to the world’s largest community of pro-liberty thinkers and activists.

The Free Life Starts Here

The Free State Project is a movement of thousands of freedom-loving people to New Hampshire, where we are working to reduce the size and scope of government in order to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime. Our efforts have the potential to demonstrate the benefits of liberty and to set an example for the rest of the nation and the world to follow.

Liberty Meetups per Year

Free Staters in NH

Free Staters

Liberty Lives in New Hampshire

New Hampshire consistently ranks among the best and freest states in the nation. Those who move here experience the indescribable benefits of “finding their tribe” while surrounded by the natural beauty of the state’s mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and beaches.

A Thriving Economy

In the Granite State, you’ll find low unemployment, strong job growth, a low tax burden, high median income, and high cryptocurrency usage.

Incredible Quality of Life

Envision building a community, starting a business, or raising a family in the state ranked #1 for child well-being and #6 in overall health.

Effective Activism

Activists are working in and out of the system on issues like school choice, consitutional carry, cryptocurrency dereg, marijuana decrim and more.

NH Companies Started

Millions Invested in NH Real Estate

Free Staters Elected as State Representatives

Meet the Porcupines

We are available to chat and answer questions in our private Facebook group, on Reddit, and on our Discussion Forum. You will find that Free Staters are a diverse bunch! What brings us together is the shared belief in the rights and responsibilities of the individual.

PorcFest People | Join the Free State Project!

If you’re ready to visit and meet us in person, we will welcome you to the Granite State and show you around! There is so much to see and do in New Hampshire. Check out our driving tours, and plan to attend a few meetups to get to know the community.

Join Us At Liberty Forum!

February 1&2
: At Liberty Forum, we’ll gather to discuss actionable alternatives to the state. Come experience the Free State Project during New Hampshire’s snowy winter – you’ll never want to leave!

Would You Relocate for a Better Life?

These folks did! And now they’re a part of our growing, thriving liberty community.

Tiffany & Justin from Michigan

“We’re so happy to be here; making the move was definitely right for our family!”

Bruce from Massachusetts

“My neighborhood is quiet and peaceful;  my wife and child are happier than ever.”

Alu from New York

“You can leave and make an amazing life for yourself in New Hampshire.”

Goshe from Maryland

By the end of PorcFest, I was asking myself, ‘Why haven’t I moved yet?”

Robert & Carol from Wisconsin

“We saw something in New Hampshire. There is no way I’d ever turn back.”

Peter from Ohio

“Within 24 hours of arriving in Manchester, I was employed with a roof over my head.”

“Politically, Free Staters are not a monolithic force. They call themselves ‘liberty-loving’ rather than ‘libertarian’ for good reason. So many people we are attracting are sort of disillusioned by the left-right paradigm. I would say all subscribe to non-aggression principles, which is sort of the golden rule.”

– Carla Gericke, FSP President ’11-’16

“‘A lot of my clients want to be self-sufficient—whether that’s living off the grid and growing their own food, wanting to shoot and hunt on their own property, or being able to raise pigs and chickens without zoning laws interfering,’ says Warden, who shows his properties with a gun on his hip. ‘We speak the same language.’”

– Mark Warden, Porcupine Realtor