Merrimack Valley

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Merrimack Valley has something for everyone. Encompassing the major cities of Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, the region has some of the state’s best shopping districts, finest restaurants, and most impressive museums.

Regular liberty community meet-ups are hosted throughout the region. While the more urban events in Manchester and Nashua draw the largest crowds, there is a strong Free Stater presence in rural areas as well; perhaps most notably in the town of Weare, which holds a liberty community meet-up every other Thursday.

One of the benefits of living in the Merrimack Valley is the ease of access to both city and country. This means that city families are just a quick drive from field trips to farms or hikes in the woods, while those in the country are, likewise, only a short distance from museums, and art and science centers.

Merrimack Valley Blog Posts

Thanks, Merav Yaakov!

Having become interested in politics as a result of following Ron Paul and his presidential campaigns, she learned about the Free State Project and decided that this was the place to live, work, and launch her new hobby of political activism!

Quinton Saves the World!

Quinton moves to New Hampshire to save the world, or at least New Hampshire!

Tyler and Jack are Ready for Activism!

The transition to life in New Hampshire has been much easier than we expected. We try to take every opportunity to attend the numerous gatherings each month and meet as many people as we can. We also try not only to get to know our new home town of Manchester, but to get out into the surrounding areas as much as we can, exploring all the wonderful things that New Hampshire has to offer, such as the gorgeous mountains, lakes and coast, and all the fascinating and rich history of New England in general.

Deni and Family Feel at Home in New Hampshire

We chose to settle in a small town in Hillsboro County, and the options for local activities are endless… farmers’ markets, town concerts, fairs, apple picking, cider presses, scarecrow competitions, fall festivals, pumpkin picking… we’ve been busier having fun in our little town of 5,000 people than we ever were in the urban mecca of Seattle.

Gabi Finds Liberty, Love, and Community in New Hampshire

I remember when I first moved, I felt overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunities that lay in front of me. There are so many activities to be a part of, groups and organizations to join, and amazing people to meet.

Sean’s Self-Discovery Leads Him from Massachusetts to the Free State

Sean found himself in a career he didn’t enjoy and in a house he struggled to afford. Was this to be his life for the next 30 years?

New York City Drove Quinn to Liberty in New Hampshire

A libertarian Uber driver in New York wrestled with the city’s heavy-handed traffic ticketing policies, then chose a freer life in New Hampshire.

Tour the Merrimack Valley

Merrimack Valley - Manchester, NH

This tour will send you on a scenic exploration of the Merrimack Valley you won’t forget!! Pick up some ice cream, shop in a main street bookstore, walk over a bridge, and enjoy the riverfront view of old mill buildings.

Merrimack Valley Facts

Major Towns: Manchester, Nashua, Concord
Great For: Activism, central location, extroverts, homeschooling, professionals, singles, starting out in NH, walk-ability
Not For: Isolation, low taxes, mountains, off-grid living

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MarikaSince moving with her family in 2015, Marika has taken a lead role in welcoming visitors and new movers to New Hampshire. She knows this area well and is happy to help you plan your visit!