The Upper Valley

Breathe Deep in Ivy League Country

If you’re looking for privacy, even isolation, along with scenic views of mountains and lakes, the Upper Valley is a great place to live. But even when the view from your door looks like the edge of the world, in reality you’re a short drive from a wide variety of shopping, restaurants, and cultural events. Two interstates and a network of state highways make it easy to get just about anywhere. And the added bonus? Property taxes in these towns are among the lowest in the state.

The Upper Valley is also known as the Dartmouth-Sunapee Region - it is home to an Ivy League college, a world-class medical center, world-class skiing, and one of the finest craft fairs to be found anywhere. The Upper Valley boasts some of the best and most varied dancing in the state. And it hosts a solid liberty community with regular meet-ups.

If politics is your thing, there are lots of opportunities to get involved at the town level, or running for the state legislature – something that is easier in the Upper Valley than in many other areas. But mostly you’ll find folks leading by example: living off-the-grid, raising free-range animals, starting small businesses, educating their own children, and bartering with neighbors.

Upper Valley Blog Posts

Thanks, Emily Smith!

Emily Smith brings community together as a farmer, homeschooler, wife, and entrepreneur!

Jenn Hewson

Thanking Jenn Hewson

Jenn is a homeschooling advocate and mom who loves to create fun and exciting ways for kids to learn and grow. This year she brings that talent to PorcFest as the PorcuPints Coordinator!

Town Tuitioning Bill

New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Protecting, Expanding Town Tuitioning

Today, Governor Sununu signed SB 8, a town tuitioning bill often referred to as the Croydon bill. SB 8 clarifies that any town - not just towns that share a border with other states - may include non-religious private schools in their town tuitioning plans.

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Sarah Leaves Philadelphia, Joins New Hampshire’s Liberty Community

Community. The word always left a bad taste in my mouth. In my life, “community” has meant something awful, something dreadful. And by age 23, I knew that becoming part of a community was something I would fight to avoid at all costs. I think it was just after...

Tour the Upper Valley

Upper Valley Sunset

This beautiful rural drive takes you to Bardo Farm, a thriving Free Stater project, then through the small city of Newport, and to Mt. Sunapee’s lakeside resort and state park. You can even enjoy a dinner cruise and check out an ice house dating back to 1921.

Upper Valley Facts

Major Towns: Lebanon, Hanover, Claremont, Newport
Great For: DIY'ers, families & couples, homeschooling, integrating with the locals, intellectuals, professionals, quiet, rural/nature
Not For: singles and super-social folks, proximity to major cities, walk-ability

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Evleta GruberTom is an itinerant enginerd. A southerner, he can help with questions about adapting to New Hampshire's winter and "mud season."

Keith OttKeith moved to the Upper Valley in 2012 with his wife. They both enjoy the area's small towns, forests, and rivers that are great for paddling.