Liberty Community in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's Liberty Community

Friendly people, effective action.

Free Staters are creating a society in which people value each other’s rights and choices, even when they are unpopular, as long as they hurt no one else. This kind of community is dynamic, productive, open, friendly, and creative. It welcomes people to be authentic and to participate however they choose, and the results are invigorating and inspiring.

New Hampshire's small size facilitates activism and frequent collaboration among participants. Regular meetups include social gatherings at restaurants and bars, potlucks, market days, movie nights, parties, and play dates. Teams of friendly volunteers run Liberty Forum, PorcFest, and the Welcome Wagon (welcoming and assisting movers, even unloading their belongings when they arrive!). Why not come see for yourself? Get connected online and start planning your visit!

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New Community Blog Posts

Ben & Kelly Bring Their Business to New Hampshire

Ben & Kelly Bring Their Business to New Hampshire

We have heard positive things about the market here, but time will tell how true they are for our company. Either way, we are not looking back. We have promised ourselves, and our fellow porcupines, that whatever happens, we aren’t going to move back to New York. We have had enough of that awful place! We are home now, and that is a great feeling!

How to Work for Liberty: A Message to Free Staters

How to Work for Liberty: A Message to Free Staters

Wouldn't it be great to move to New Hampshire, get paid to work for liberty, and join forces with companies that move the bus of freedom forward? That's exactly what I thought to myself when I lost my job back in 2017. You see, I was working in a sales job putting in...

Merrimack Valley Porcupines

Merrimack Valley is home to the state's largest concentration of Free Staters living in and around Manchester, Concord and Nashua. Each week here is packed with opportunities to socialize, volunteer, learn and promote liberty. Some of these events draw activists from all over the state, and the monthly MVP meetup attracts 30-50 people.


From pristine beaches to fine dining to cutting-edge startups, the Seacoast is the place for libertarians seeking a cosmopolitan life. Up to 40 Freecoasters gather every Thursday night to keep in touch and welcome new movers. Here you'll find a growing group of peaceful parents. Visit The Praxeum, a flexible-use space centered on liberty.

Monadnock Porcupines

The Monadnock Region is home to Keene, offering a unique blend of city life, small size, and college town vibrancy. Here you'll find merchants leading the world in cryptocurrency acceptance and a central square with a strong free speech tradition. About 10 people attend Keene’s Social Sunday, the longest running weekly liberty gathering in New Hampshire.

Lakes Region Porcupines

The Lakes Region is home to nearly 300 bodies of water, along with the Lakes Region Porcupines, a group that has been meeting monthly for about eight years. This social gathering has turned into a goodwill organization, offering emergency radio communications, a blood drive, and a toy drive.

Upper Valley Porcupines

The Upper Valley features scenic mountains and lakes, along with the conveniences of the Dartmouth-Sunapee area. Lots of liberty families settle here! Liberty Tuesday meetups attract 20-30 people to enjoy a monthly dinner, and Bardo Farm hosts monthly potlucks and weekly “Farm Fridays with Friends.”

North Country Porcupines

The North Country offers peace, quiet and the beauty of nature, along with low-priced real estate and ‘reasonable’ taxes. Recently quite a few families have moved "north of the notches” and are thriving in its wholesome, low-crime communities. The North Country Porcupines meet monthly with 20+ people in attendance.

Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club

New Hampshire is an amazing state. Use this group to get together with other people and be active outdoors. Hiking, swimming, camping, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, climbing, bouldering, surfing, skydiving, mountain biking, bridge & cliff jumping—outdoor opportunities are endless in NH as are the opportunities to connect with Porcupines.

Porc Family Connection

Looking to connect with other families that share values such as peaceful parenting and the Non-Aggression Principle? Want to learn about new and exciting homeschooling/unschooling opportunities? Do you enjoy nature walks, museum visits, indoor/outdoor playground excursions, and countless other fun events constantly being organized around New Hampshire? Look no further than the Porc Family Connection—a unique, decentralized network that encourages the sharing of information, support, and fun through cooperation and mutual aid, including play dates, childcare exchange, clothing hand-me-downs, and more!

Live Free BefORe You Die

For those of us no longer dependent on and restricted by employment, this is the perfect place to enjoy our golden years, taking advantage of New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" attitude and a multitude of fun activities in the area. Cultural enrichment opportunities are plentiful, from the Seacoast Repertory Theatre, the Music Hall, and the Prescott Park Arts Festival, to the University of New Hampshire Traditional Jazz Series, Tupelo Music Hall, and Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. You'll find many local live music and art events, a vibrant craft beer scene, free weekly wine-tastings, and an incredible assortment of fine restaurants in the area.

Gamey Porcupines

A ragtag bunch of rugged individualists who like to get together and occasionally move bits of paper, plastic, and/or wood around according to whatever rules happen to be in fashion at the moment. Watch out for bits of brain, puns, and other mental debris flying around.

Liberty Ladies of New Hampshire

The North Country offers peace, quiet and the beauty of nature, along with low-priced real estate and ‘reasonable’ taxes. Recently quite a few families have moved "north of the notches” and are thriving in its wholesome, low-crime communities. The North Country Porcupines meet monthly with 20+ people in attendance.

Meet the Early Movers

Early movers have created and reinforced dozens of successful pro-liberty organizations addressing education, taxes, gun rights, the media, homeschooling, drugs, currency, and other issues. Whatever your interest, there will be people here to work with you on it!

Jody Underwood, Upper Valley

Mark Warden, Merrimack Valley

Keith Ammon, Merrimack Valley

William Kostric, Merrimack Valley

Porcupine-Owned Businesses

Bardo Farm
An off-grid community for sustainable farming

Pax Libertas Productions
Premiere libertarian podcasts

Porcupine Real Estate
Mark Warden's team of professional realtors

A free, open, community-run digital marketplace

Full List Coming Soon!

Porcupine-Owned Non-Profits

Ethics & Economics Education
Introducing high schoolers to ethical questions about business & economic policy

Foundation for New Hampshire Independence
Promoting New Hampshire’s peaceful separation from the United States

Lakes Region Toy Drive
Advancing liberty through charity, and making kids smile

Full List Coming Soon!

Porcupine-Owned Businesses

Free State Bitcoin Shoppe
Helping people use better money

Free State Jobs
Making your job search fast, easy, and successful

NH Balloonman
Talented balloon artist ready to thrill young and old

Taylor Davis Doula Service
Birth with confidence, autonomy, & unconditional support

Full List Coming Soon!