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School Jobs in New Hampshire

If you're looking to move to New Hampshire, consider finding a job at a private school! Schools need all sorts of staff, in addition to teachers, and boarding schools often provide employees with housing, food and more!

Get a Job in NH | Free State Project

Get a Job in New Hampshire

This detailed guide will lead you through the steps involved in finding a great job in New Hampshire! You'll read about defining your job search, addressing logistics, navigating job boards, and more - all from a Free Stater who is also a professional job coach.

Start a Business in New Hampshire | Join the Free State Project!

Start a Business in New Hampshire

If your plan for moving to New Hampshire involves starting a new business (or possibly relocating your existing business), here is a checklist of the basics to guide you on your way. From choosing a name and location to building your business' foundation, learn it all from a Free Stater who is also a professional job coach.

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Perfecting Your Resume for Out-of-State Jobs

Prospective employers in NH won't even look at my résumé because it is clear I am living and working in Idaho right now. Is there anything I can do to get around this?

How to manage job interviews from a distance | Join the Free State Project!

How to Manage Job Interviews from a Distance

Being available for interviews within a time frame that meets the schedule of your prospective employer is one of the most challenging parts of searching for a new job from a distance. The trick is to make the logistics of the long-distance interview as easy as possible for the employer. But how do you do this?

Manchester Jobs

Working With Headhunters to Land a Job In New Hampshire

Working with headhunters (recruiters) can be a productive way to learn about and pursue job opportunities, especially if you are an experienced professional. It is important that you understand the different types of recruiters, how they work, and what you can expect when working with one...

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Temp Jobs as a Path to Long-Term Employment

A short-term/contract position could be a really good way to make the move to New Hampshire, but there are drawbacks to be aware of as you consider this option. Lack of job security, difficulty budgeting long term, fewer or no benefits beyond hourly pay, and overall lower pay are the most often cited...

NH scored #3 for remote work from home jobs | Join the Free State Project!

Remote work from home jobs: NH graded as 3rd best state

These days, it seems that lots of people now have remote work from home jobs. Additionally, many more workers will be able to work from just about anywhere in the near future. So, if you're a libertarian activist with one of those remote work from home jobs, where...
jobs in New Hampshire

How to Work for Liberty: A Message to Free Staters

Wouldn't it be great to move to New Hampshire, get paid to work for liberty, and join forces with companies that move the bus of freedom forward? That's exactly what I thought to myself when I lost my job back in 2017. You see, I was working in a sales job putting in...

The Best Move of Your Life

Taking the leap for liberty and moving to New Hampshire usually starts with research. Whatever your questions, chances are some of our participants have gained the experiences necessary to answer them. Just join any of our online groups and start learning from Free Staters who've made the journey before you.

Coming for a visit within a few months will help tremendously in the planning process. Movers report that visiting allowed them to discover their favorite areas and meet the people who would soon become their close friends. Team Porcupine Real Estate recommends two visits: the first to explore and meet the locals and the second to look for a home.

Getting to Know the Destination

New Hampshire is divided into six major regions. It has 10 counties, 13 cities, 221 towns, and 25 unincorporated places. You’ll find the most Free Staters in the Merrimack Valley (Manchester, Nashua and Concord), the Monadnock region (Keene), and the Seacoast. That said, since many Free Staters enjoy living away from big government, a good many of us choose to live in rural areas.

Merrimack Valley

Merrimack Valley is home to the state's largest concentration of Free Staters living in and around Manchester, Concord and Nashua. Each week here is packed with opportunities to socialize, volunteer, learn and promote liberty. Some of these events draw activists from all over the state, and the monthly MVP meetup attracts 30-50 people.

The Freecoast

From pristine beaches to fine dining to cutting-edge startups, the Seacoast is the place for libertarians seeking a cosmopolitan life. Freecoasters gather on Thursday nights to keep in touch and welcome new movers. Here you'll find a growing group of peaceful parents. Visit The Praxeum, a flexible-use space centered on liberty.

The Monadnock Region

The Monadnock Region is home to Keene, which offers a unique blend of city life, small size, and college-town vibrancy. Here you'll find merchants leading the world in cryptocurrency acceptance and a central square with a strong free speech tradition. Keene’s Social Sunday is the state's longest-running weekly liberty gathering.

The Lakes Region

The Lakes Region is home to nearly 300 bodies of water, along with the Lakes Region Porcupines, a group that has been meeting monthly for about eight years. This social gathering has turned into a service and goodwill organization, offering emergency radio communications, a blood drive, and a toy drive.

The Upper Valley

Upper Valley NH Liberty

The Upper Valley features scenic mountains and lakes, along with the conveniences of the Dartmouth-Sunapee area. Lots of liberty families settle here. Local Liberty Tuesday meetups attract 20-30 people to enjoy a monthly dinner, and Bardo Farm hosts monthly potlucks and weekly “Farm Fridays with Friends.”

The North Country

The North Country offers peace, quiet, and the beauty of nature, along with low-priced real estate and ‘reasonable’ taxes. Recently quite a few families have moved "north of the notches” and are thriving in the wholesome, low-crime communities. About 20 "North Country Porcupines" gather monthly to socialize.

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Finding a Home in New Hampshire

Renting: There are many Free Stater-friendly landlords throughout the state! Check listings on Ledgeview Commercial Partners, and the FSP Housing Search group. Many people find rentals by driving around areas they like, as many owners don’t advertise vacant units online. Learn more about how Free Staters rent in New Hampshire.

Buying: Most Free Staters prefer to rent initially to gain a better understanding of the different regions before buying their "forever home." The first step to take when you are ready to settle down will be to obtain a financing pre-approval. Next, your agent will guide you through the buying process, including setting up listing alerts and dealing with inspections, financing, appraisal and closing. Learn more about how Free Staters buy homes in New Hampshire.

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Welcome Home

The Free State Project

Welcome Wagon

In New Hampshire, we have teams of warm-hearted Free Staters waiting and eager to connect you with likeminded libertarian activists.

By the way, if you need some help moving in, fill out the form below and we’ll invite some folks to help unload your moving truck.

Of course, when it comes to Move In Parties, after the heavy lifting is finished, there’s only one thing left to do: Party!

Have you already arrived?

Request your mover number.

Also, share your mover story so that other people like you will follow in your footsteps.

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Improve Your Life

Choosing a Town

This blog post will help as you consider location, housing costs, taxes, schools, politics and more when choosing where to live in New Hampshire.

Understanding Town Property Taxes

New Hampshire Tax Amounts by Town - from liberty603.comProperty taxes vary greatly by town in New Hampshire, and tax rates don't tell the whole story. According to Porcupine Real Estate:

While a high tax rate may be undesirable, a particular property may have a low assessed rate. The assessed rate (determined by the town and not by the list price of the home) determines the total tax burden: Property taxes = tax rate x assessed value. A high tax rate shouldn't necessarily disqualify a particular town from your list.

So while you may consult this town tax rates map or one of these spreadsheets (1 & 2), you may also want to consider the town's median tax amounts (which take into account assessed value) and home prices. Read more in Understanding Property Taxes in New Hampshire and Taxes and Regulations.

2017 Median Rents

This readily available data comes from the more heavily populated areas of the state via Porcupine Real Estate. It will give you an idea of what to expect. Merrimack Valley

  • Manchester: 1 bedroom: $962 - 2 bedroom: $1280 - 3 bedroom: $1300
  • Nashua: 1 bedroom: $1195 - 2 bedroom: $1559 - 3 bedroom: $1522
  • Concord: 1 bedroom: $994 - 2 bedroom: $1211 -3 bedroom: $1494


  • Portsmouth: 1 bedroom: $1218 - 2 bedroom: $1522 - 3 bedroom: $1672
  • Rochester: 1 bedroom: $896 - 2 bedroom: $1101 - 3 bedroom: $1394
  • Dover: 1 bedroom: $1121 - 2 bedroom: $1217 - 3 bedroom: $1479

Immigrating to New Hampshire from Overseas

While moving generally involves a series of headaches for anyone, our fellow libertarians born overseas face an additional set of obstacles. Millions of people – including some Free Staters – have gone through the immigration process and are now American citizens. So, check out this article to start climbing that bureaucratic mountain!

Phone Coverage

Some areas of New Hampshire have spotty or limited mobile service. The Verizon network offers the best coverage overall, but not everywhere. Double check coverage maps before moving and consider switching phone service ahead of time. If you plan a visit, an inexpensive prepaid phone on the Verizon network may be worth looking into. Cable and internet services are reliable in most areas.

Setting Up Utilities

When you call to schedule the shutdown of utilities in your current state, consider requesting a letter of reference from each company. This will help you avoid deposit fees from new utilities. Many companies have an option for this letter to be ordered on their websites.

A few weeks before your move, call utilities in NH and set up your start dates and appointments for installations. Oftentimes you will attain excellent customer service with local, family owned companies, rather than large corporations.

Many New Hampshire towns don't provide garbage pick-up. Residents either make trips to the dump or find a company that picks up garbage and/or recycling for a fee. Many a mover has connected with neighbors over trash (or at the dump!). You might also find this information in the local town paper.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles must be registered within 60 days of residency. To register your vehicles, submit title and proof of residency, as well as a picture ID to the Town Clerk. Here is the link to Town Clerk Offices. Registration is paid yearly and renews in the month you were born. In 2013, the fee for a new title is $25, the fee for plates is $8. The registration fee is based on the original price of the car, the current age, and gross vehicle weight. They can’t tell you ahead of time what this fee will be. Check out the New Resident of New Hampshire/Division of Motor Vehicles page for more information.

Vehicle Inspection

After registration is complete, you have 10 days to have your vehicle inspected. Here is a link to a list of Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Requirements. In order to get a NH Driver’s License, you need to visit a DMV office. It is important to note that you need specific IDs for the DMV.

Establishing Residency

Proof of residency is required to vote, to get a New Hampshire ID or driver's license, and to file most government forms. For your average middle-class family this is fairly simple:

  1. Rent or purchase a house.
  2. Set up local utilities.
  3. Use your first utility bill as proof of residency.

Singles who rent rooms in most town can obtain a "letter of residency" from the town clerk. However, those in Manchester who rent a room with utilities included will need to get a letter notarized from someone they are living with, whether that's a landlord or a roommate. This letter must include the following:

  1. The name of the landlord, roommate, etc. who is writing the letter for you
  2. The date
  3. Your full name
  4. The address of the residence
  5. That you are living there
  6. Their signature, signed in front of a public notary
  7. The public notary's signature and stamp
  8. An example letter is as follows, made for Bob Mover by Rebecca Couchspace:

October 20th, 2007 To whom it may concern: Bob Mover is a resident of my household at 1776 Revolutionary Drive apt. 4 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Rebecca Couchspace Notary signature/stamp

Creating Community

Upper Valley NH LibertyOne of the greatest challenges of making the move to New Hampshire is starting over without friends and family nearby. Those who move and stay for the long haul often report that their connections within the community have made it their home, and they can't imagine living anywhere else. So consider plugging into the group of porcupines in your area as soon as you can to start building your life.

Children and Schools

There are many ways to learn about school options and connect with homeschool groups in your area.


New Hampshire does not require a license to openly carry guns, and permits for concealed handguns are optional, but not required. Here are some resources:

Getting Involved in Politics

Bearcat Protest in New HampshireThe open, transparent and representative nature of politics in New Hampshire is one of the many attractive aspects of the state. The general requirement is that one has to be in state for two years before being elected as a state representative. However, there is generally no time requirement for local elections like planning board, school board, budget committee and city council.

Running for a local election can be as simple as just putting your name on the ballot. Many positions go unfilled; there is always a need for candidates. Even if you miss the election cycle, you might be appointed to fill a vacancy. See this article for more information.

Home Heat

In New Hampshire, most people will need a reputable vendor for propane (often for ranges) and/or oil (often for furnaces). In many locations there are competing fuel providers, so ask around or do some online research. Fuel companies offer plans that can save money and offer peace of mind, including pre-pay plans and automatic deliveries. It can pay to talk with a representative and ask about all of your options - also mention the competing companies you're considering. Most people will benefit from setting up automatic deliveries so that heat is guaranteed in all weather, especially if you don't have a backup heat source (fireplaces and pellet stoves are common).

Health and Wellness in the Winter

Natives will tell you that the key to enjoying winter is to find an outdoor sport or hobby to enjoy...it's the easiest way to embrace life! Skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating are popular choices. With the right protective clothing and gear, almost any temperature feels comfortable for sports.

Unfortunately, a number of health conditions are aggravated by the cold. If you imagine yourself staying inside to keep warm and reduce pain, invest in some home exercise equipment. Exercise is proven to lift mood and overall well-being, which will improve your experience in New Hampshire!

It can help to plan a trip to see family or friends in a warmer climate sometime from January to March. The combination of seeing faraway loved-ones, enjoying a change of scenery, and basking in the warmer weather can be a great boost.