Coming for a visit is the best way to see what the Free State Project is all about. Here you can explore the different areas of the state and experience “porcupine” hospitality. We can even connect you with friendly people to talk to and interesting things to do during your stay.

Many people choose to visit during an event so that they can easily meet and interact with Free Staters from around New Hampshire. Our annual summer event, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, is coming up in June 2020. It will offer the unique opportunity of enjoying the beauty of the White Mountains while attending discussions, parties, and more with Free Staters.

Tour the FreeCoast

This tour will have you hiking trails, climbing past an old fire tower, meandering through a wildlife park, walking the shore, and enjoying shops, music and more on New Hampshire’s gorgeous seacoast.

Tour the Merrimack Valley

This tour will send you on a scenic exploration you won’t forget!! Pick up some ice cream, shop in a main street bookstore, walk over a bridge, and enjoy the riverfront view of old mill buildings.

Tour the Monadnock Region

On this tour, you’ll sample chocolate, apples, beer, and cheese as you visit Walpole, Keene, and Peterborough. Stop in the woods, visit an historic homestead, and climb a fire tower for a scenic view.

Tour the Upper Valley

This beautiful rural drive takes you to Bardo Farm, a thriving Free Stater project, then through the small city of Newport, to Mt. Sunapee’s lakeside resort and on a dinner cruise.

Tour the Lakes Region

On this scenic tour, you’ll enjoy music at an outdoor amphitheater, visit a scenic railroad, play at the world’s largest arcade, hike Mount Major, and cool off at the local family swimming hole.

Tour the North Country

Experience incredible beer and the world’s largest candy counter, ride the mountain-climbing cog railway, enjoy a hike, visit a covered bridge, and check out a grand resort.

My first visit was only for three days this past June, and I was overwhelmed that everything was so lush and green – so beautiful! When I flew back to San Diego, everything looked so brown and dry, even the leaves on the trees. And…I moved just 45 days later. I’m still loving my decision, even after my first snowy winter.

Kara, Mover from California

We’ll Welcome You to the Free State!

We’d love to help you make the most of your visit.

Experience PorcFest

Keep an eye on our website for updates on PorcFest 2020. This year marked our 16th Porcupine Freedom Festival. We hope you will join us next year for the festivities in Northern New Hampshire at Roger’s Campground for the most exciting liberty event of the year!

Visit Freecoast Fest

Check out the Freecoast Festival! This year included a sunset cruise that made it easy to fall in love with New Hampshire’s beautiful seacoast.

Attend Liberty Forum

February 1&2: Come discuss how we are growing liberty and experience the Free State Project during New Hampshire’s snowy winter – you’ll never want to leave!

In 2014, a friend and I visited for PorcFest. After a few intense days spent camped out in the valley, I looked out at the White Mountains and wept – overwhelmed with feelings of hope.


Mover from California

In 2016, I attended Liberty Forum for my very first visit to NH. This was an absolutely amazing experience, and I was instantly assured that this was better than I could have ever anticipated.


Mover from New York

I came here wanting to find reasons to stay put. But my negativity was totally disarmed with the warm welcome we got. We met awesome Free Staters at a meetup they specifically created for us, ate amazing seafood, and met the Budweiser horses in Nashua!


Mover from Michigan